Welcome To Atlanta Medical Arts and Wellness


As a part of the growing Direct Care Movement, our practice has a truly innovative approach to healthcare.  With service offerings which include specialty care in Addiction Medicine as well as Primary Care, our model of service is designed to ensure that you receive the best health care experience possible.

We are a size limited practice which focuses on high tech, cutting edge personalized care. Compared to patients in large traditional medical practices, which have an average of 3,000 patients, you will receive the time and attention necessary to address your specific health care needs.

In contrast to the current fee-for-service model, our direct care plan is NOT a health insurance plan. For this reason, we encourage our patients to obtain a health insurance plan if possible in addition to our direct care plan. This health insurance plan can serve as a wraparound policy to cover the cost of prescription medications, laboratory fees, outpatient testing, specialist referrals, emergency room care and inpatient hospital care. 

The goal of our plan is to provide a level of convenient personalized care that is lacking in our current health care system. Our mission is to achieve this goal while providing welcoming and affirming care in a nonjudgmental and caring environment.

Where All Are Welcome And All Are Valued